Of the 35 largest cities in North America, vancouver is the second most affordable

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As we all know, Canada’s two largest cities – Toronto and vancouver are the most expensive cities in Canada.How do these two cities compare to other large north American cities?

According to Zoocasa according to house prices in December last year, at 3.75% of the 20% down payment, 30-year mortgage and fixed mortgage rates, and different parts of the real median household income and purchase ordinary housing the income difference, 35 major cities in North America to buy a house for force, the results are as follows: 35 cities in 18 cities median income family wanted to buy a median price of a house, is money.

Toronto ranked 11th on the list of the least affordable cities
Toronto came in 11th, tied with Miami, as the least affordable city.Among them, households with a median income of 65,829 yuan ($49,495) in Toronto are $25,431 ($19,121) short of the average home with a median mortgage.A Miami family with a median income of $33,999 is $27,733 short of the median home price on a mortgage.

Vancouver came in second on the list of least affordable cities
San Francisco is the least affordable of the 35 cities, followed by vancouver, where the median household income is $143,000 and $74,825, respectively.

Of course, don’t be intimidated by the data.Gemstones can be found in most districts where prices are prohibitively expensive.According to the Toronto real estate board (TREB), a 253-foot bungalow recently put on the market is asking $500,000 less than the current market average.Some people may say that the house is too small, but 200,000 yuan can buy an apartment to do some investment, according to the current greater Toronto area market prices, is really a good deal.

Calgary is the most affordable
Three Canadian cities – Calgary, Ottawa and Montreal – were among the 17 most affordable.The United States has 14 cities on the list.Buy a house in these cities, not only not poor money, and income still has surplus.

Calgary tops the list for affordability, with a median household income of 97,334 yuan ($73,000, $183) and a surplus of 42,97 yuan ($32,298).

Ottawa ranked sixth for affordability, with a c $27,714 home-buying surplus based on median household income of c $85,981 ($64,647).

Montreal ranked 16th in affordability, with a median income of $4,161 in earnings surplus, on par with Las Vegas ($3,215) and Philadelphia ($6,869).

Housing affordability is best ranked

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