About Us

EMVertex Credit is a Licensed Moneylending Company that was established in year 2016. The Company is licensed by the Ministry of Law (Registry of Moneylenders). We provide personal loans, business ventures and other financial endeavours. We provide people with immense financial assistance with notable and flexible range of payment terms.

Applicants can be reassured that their personal data will be safeguarded. You’ll never have to worry about us divulging your information to anyone.

We aim to become the leading Licensed Moneylender for digital finance in Singapore.

Why Us

Why not us? Can we ask this?
We can be trusted and it is shown through the consistency of our company. Some key reasons to choose us are

  • We are successfully running the company for the past several years and handled numerous projects and helped many people regarding any kind of loan.  

  • We are counted among the most reliable and trusted moneylenders of the country. 

  • We are also approved by the Insolvency and Public Trustee’s Office (IPTO).  

  • We provide financial aid to applicants who are strapped with financial difficulties and problems ranging from corporate to personal loans.  

  • We are committed in providing our valued clients with competent and top-quality financial services that they can trust.