Would you like to hold a perfect wedding? How to complete easily?


1.I am a young person with poor income. But I want my fiancee to have a perfect wedding. How can I apply for a loan to get married?

2.Dream wedding abroad and taken wedding dress, the whole process how to plan? How much does it cost and budget?

3.I always dream to have an outdoor wedding ceremony, but if I want to decorate and stewed outside. it must cost lot of money. How to planning and make the best use of the wedding expenses? How to get the loan?

4.I want to have a good wedding planning and a effective use of funds, after all the wedding expenditure is not a small sum of money, also hope that we can reach a good consensus. What qualifications should I have to apply for a loan to get married?




1.Prepares for the wedding

2.Provide the right wedding singles

3.Little savings, no extra cash, want to be in Singapore for the wedding

4.Want to hold the wedding couple overseas




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